activity is the distribution of thermoplastic resins and natural bindings

Ochi’s activity is the distribution of thermoplastic resins (ABS, SAN, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, transparent ABS, PMMA, POM, TPE, PBT, PVC, NBR, DOTP, METALLOCENI, Engineering plastics, etc) and natural bindings (SOY PROTEIN).Providing not only as a simple supplier, but rather as a real partner, specific logistics solutions, technical assistance and strategic consulting starting from material development, testing and homologation, passing through the supervision of transformation process till the distribution to the Italian and  foreign factories.

Ochi is also one of the pioneers in the sustainable circular economy segment, specialized in the supply of post-consumer recycled plastics, throughout the PolHI® brand.

Ochi Srl is hence the bridge between the producer and the end user and adapt the customer’s needs to the rigorousness of a multinational corporate.


Ochi Srl has divided its activity into three business sectors: Industrial, Trading and Distribution.


The industrial market embraces all the end users of plastic materials. High qualified Technical support from the very beginning of material designing and solution projecting. Full assistance during testing period, pre and post homologation. Continuity and regularity of the supplies to the productive sites and tailor-made logistics solutions: warehousing, door/port-to-door and intermodal transports, bulk material handling, safety & consigment stock, bonded warehousing, parceling. These services allow the customer to outsource the supply chain of plastic raw materials and let itself fully focus on the core-business.


Alcuni dei materiali plastici, sono ancora da considerare e movimentare come una vera e propria merce: seguendo la logica della scale-economy vengono acquistati in grandi volumi per abbattere i costi fissi.
Ochi Srl è in grado di operare in modo efficace e tempestivo garantendo la migliore competitività, l'elevata qualità dei materiali e la certezza della continuità aziendale. Opera come un vero e proprio consulente al fine di fornire al cliente quelle informazioni rilevanti e sensate necessarie per effettuare gli acquisti sempre con successo.


Wide range always available at Stock. Integrated logistics, efficient and timing delivery service in Italy and Worldwide.